Red rash called erythema ab igne on my leg -associated with peripherial neuropathy

I had a heating pad on my thigh because I have some pain. It was only on there for about 1 hour. When I went to the bathroom I noticed this weird, red, lacy appearing rash on my thigh where the heating pad was. It doesn’t hurt or anything. I did some searching on the web and found it is called erythema ab igne. It can be associated with heat on your skin and is also associated with peripherial neuropathy. I have CIPD. Has anyone else ever experienced this rash? Should I be concerned? I removed the heat pad but the rash is still there and not fading. this has never happened to me and I have had CIDP for just over 3 years. At first I was thinking shingles but it doesn’t appear to look that way. Then a picture came up on my search that looks exactly like what I have and it is called erythema ab igne.

30-LegRashIMAGE.jpg (6.11 KB)

Chirpy, rashes are notoriously hard to diagnose because rashes from twelve different causes can be exactly the same in appearance. But since you used the heating pad, you have a clear explanation for why the rash occurred, and the name of the rash you mention means "redness from heat" or fire. I am pretty certain your rash will fade over the next few days, but if it doesn't, you can call your doctor.

Thank you. the rash did fade away after 24 hours. I am glad. I don't want one more complicated thing to deal with attached to this darn CIDP.