Sensing temperature

Has anyone experience a loss in sensing temperature . The weather has a slight breeze and it’s suppose to be a littl chilly and I don’t feel chilly . Other are warped up and I am normally the first one to get cold . Same with heat . I had the heater on and didn’t realize it. My wife said it was hot very hot and I wasn’t feeling it. Basically the only temperature sensation I am picking up on is my icy feet and ankles.

I often feel the same. I did not wear my winter coat much of this winter. I would go outside in the cold temperatures in a light jacket. My husband constantly remarks the house is too cold at 68 degrees and I think 62 degrees is a compromise. I cannot feel my feet/toes and am shocked at how cold they are to the touch.

My lower legs and feet are real cold to the touch but I really can’t feel that. When I lay in the sun is when I feel best . I’m not sure why. My wife will wrap up and be cold and I can be sitting in shorts. I guess it’s not that odd.