Surgery as the precipitating event for CIDP - is that you?

Do you have CIDP where the precipitating cause” or “precipitating event” was some form of surgery?

First a few definitions (stolen from somewhere).

“precipitating cause” or “precipitating event” the trigger mechanism that initiates the commencement of the disease state.

“pathogenesis” the development of morbid conditions or of disease; more specifically the cellular events and reactions and other pathologic mechanisms occurring in the development of disease.

We know that the pathogenesis of CIDP is little understood. We also know that many people with CIDP can not (with any certainty) identify what the trigger (the “precipitating event”) was that started the process (the “pathogenesis”) that resulted in CIDP.

I am really interested to hear from anyone who can clearly associate CIDP with a surgery alone, even better if that was documented at the time by a medical or para-medical professional.

I had dental surgery at the onset of CIDP. I was suspicious that it may have been the cause. There were other possible triggers as well. How could you ever know with any reasonable certainty? I know now, for sure that surgery exacerbates my CIDP. So my question became did I already have it without knowing, before the surgery? Did it flare in a big way because of it? This is a question that I am still trying to answer. My neurologist says they almost never find the cause. That hasn't stop me from trying. I have devoted this past year to exactly that. It's consuming, but as I am fixing problems my CIDP is more manageable. There is something called porphyria that looks like gbs/cidp and is triggered by medications, including those used during surgery.

I cannot say that my condition was triggered by any surgery. In fact I doubt it. Though I have had several surgeries over the years, and since being diagnosed with CIDP, looking back, I really don't think that it was. My surgeries ranged from internal surgeries to bone related surgeries, but it wasn't until the last 5 years or so that I started to get clumsy and have any sort of balance issues, ( showing anything that would possibly relate to what I am dealing with now. ) My bone related surgeries were more than 10 years ago. The only thing, if any, that I can relate this to, was the beginning of taking the flu shot every year, and that began about 7 years ago. But I don't think that even that was a factor to be honest. I don't know though. My symptoms were so gradual over the years to where I am right now that it's hard to say. It would be interesting to get other responses to this question, I look forward to reading them. ~ Sis

Thanks for contributing - my instance was a very clear association and I am looking for people with that experience.

I had minor surgery and within days the effects that were later diagnosed as CIDP began to appear. I had no other complications, illnesses, etc.

Yes my mom is currently under going diagnosis & treatments at Duke University. She had a total Colectomy October 28 2012 and by February 16 2013 she was and is wheel chair bound. We have done 1 set of IVIG and are now doing plasmapheresis