The "Hunter Gatherer Diet" of Dr. Terry Wahls on Ted Talks

My sister has been urging me for months to watch Dr. Terry Wahls presentation on TedTalks. I finally watched it. It is pretty interesting. I am typically skeptical of this sort of thing. One would think that if diet could have such a profound effect on MS (as it did with Dr. Wahls disease) that medical schools would be researching it extensively and doctors would be recommending strongly. But, it is pretty compelling to see that Dr. Wahls is no longer wheel-chair bound. So, I don't endorse it, but I may just try it. It certainly can't hurt to get all the good nutrition that would come from this diet. Here is the link:

Opinions? If anyone else wants to try it and is also good at sticking to diets (I am not) - it would be great to hear if the diet results in anything positive with respect to CIDP symptoms.