The warm beaches are calling my name, can you relate?

Carm was just telling me she was ready for the beach, a WARM one, I'm ready! Anyone else in on this? Wouldn't it be great to meet up and have a Pina Colada together?

Who's in? Where can we go? Who's robbing the bank?

I got my flip flops and sun glasses let's go! From what I hear it is 87 today in florida.

My body is so stuck on a medium degree of temp. l just about made myself sick with the heat in FL last Aug. And now l am about to freeze to death here in southern OK.

l am very allergic to outdoors, but would really love to be able to enjoy a beach somewhere.


PS I just love that picture you posted. I can feel the warm sand on my feet.....then I look out the window and see the snow banks and reality sets back in. Oh well, soon enough the mosquitoes will be back and I will have that to complain about LOL

I'm live on the beautiful south shore of Lake Erie, we should see zero today. When June comes around I might be able to dig out and join you all. Till then, save a space for me!!!

Alright, I’ve got some of my girlfriends, where are the rest? Where are the guys?

Gaynelle and Tami, I had the Bahamas in mind. Atlantis! Been in their casino won a few of their dollars in a Cleopatra slot machine. It’s a breath takingly beautiful place. The only time I was there, and it was in Feb, there was no humidity.

Veronica, we’ll probably have to send the helicopter for you and Gaynelle! If Canada gets any more snow, we’ll have to hook up the dog sleds to get them to the airport!

Now shopping carts don’t move well in the sand, Atlantis has water slides! LOL! Their pools are a bit heated too…no ice water for this old girl, no matter how hot outside!

So what do you think so far?

Okay, someone take it from here… Come on, I know you’ve been dreaming about this!

You had me at "heated pool". To be warm again! One can only hope.


It was warm, sunny, and just plain beautiful here today! Still big snow piles around, but I don't think they will be there much longer!

Hope everyone is starting to thaw out and feel better!