Wow-- I'm so mad right now

I think I might have said this before-- but my mother’s support for me with CIDP is nearing zero.
Tonight she really outdid herself–
Her statement was "you use your CIDP as an excuse to be lazy and not help me"
I just about lost it-- and when I did she just kept going with how my harsh reaction made that scenario the truth!
In reality— it’s honestly the biggest crock of turd I’ve ever beheld… It’s like she tries to think of this crap to make me worse… I looked up the term “verbal abuse” and found myself agreeing with nearly every thing they said was a sign…
I honestly don’t know what to do-- my pain is just getting worse- I want to move out desperately but have no income or job— and no hope of landing a job because I don’t even have a degree yet!
I looked up disability the other day and really couldn’t understand what I needed to do in order to start receiving it- but I am hopeful I will be able to figure it out and move out- it will help my CIDP, anxiety,Blood pressure, and depression- not to mention self esteem which I have none. Any info on how to go about the process of applying for aid such as disability or anything from the government would be greatly and deeply appreciated and such a true life saver!

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Awwww Jessica I feel your pain.That was just so not right with your mother and how she is dealing with your CIDP.Out siders just don`t get it when it comes to our illness.They think we are some how lying about the effects.Jessica just try to turn a deaf ear.

As far as disability which I got just this past January.I did my application on line by myself.Go to the social security website and fill out the form.It can`t hurt.I wish you well Jessica.

There is a clickable link for the Social Security Law Group if you scroll down the right side of the Main Page on this site. SSLG is a national disability law firm. Perhaps they can help. Try John's way first, if you like.

About your mom, you both need an intermediary. Any chance you can get counseling? I'm sorry she is not more supportive.

Hi Jessica!
I'm sorry I can't help you with social security things since I'm argentinian and I don't know how it works there.
I can only tell you that I had awful experiences with my family.
For instance, when I was in hospital with my legs almost paralized, my mother wouldn't help me if I asked for help to get in or out of the shower. Once I fell in the hospital's bathroom and I couldn't get up. I asked for her help and she didn't help me... the one that helped me was the mother of the other patient that was in my hospital bedroom.
It sucks when things like these happen to us... but hang on! She just can't handle it.
My mother still makes excuses for my illness... she doesn't want to admit the truth. Now I'm in remission so that helps.
When I'm in pain I just don't tell her... I know I can't count on her... I rely on some of my friends and my doctors and they help me through it...
I hope you feel better, I really do.