Eye watering problem

The short of it: I was diagnosed with GBS in April whicb was then rediagnosed as CIDP after the 3rd relapse happened in July.

One of the cranial nerve bundles was damaged and most of the myelin has regenerated, but I’m left with a problem with my right eye which waters and blurs over mucb the time. Eye drops don’t seem to help much. The doctor believes the problem was related to the fact that my eyelid isn’t closing quite all the way, or perhaps that I’m not blinking enough on that side.

Has anyone experienced this during their battle with CIDP?

On the contrary, my eyes and mouth are extremely dry....hmmm. More mystery. Best of blessings!

Queen Bee

I have a problem with double vision and blurry vision. Eye Neurologist has me putting ointment in every night and drop up to 6 times a day. It hasn't helped, and my prescription changed twice in 6 mos. I go back to see optic neurologist on the 17th of Sept to see what could be causing this.

I have experienced this, but until now did not relate it to my CIDP. Hmmm. My "watery eye" manifests randomly (and not really that often), and usually it will be only one eye or the other but not both at the same time. (I have really not noticed if it is always the left or always the right, and it may only be begin if I unconsciously rub my eye during the night, because that is when I have noticed it occuring the most.) It just begins to water and usually will not stop until I use an ice pack on it as long as I can tolerate the cold, and keep it closed as long as possible. Usually it will stop within 10-15 minutes. I will have to ask my neuro on my next follow-up visit if it is indeed related to the CIDP.

My most recent opthalmologist check-up showed no eye problems related to Type II diabetes and not much change in vision since my last exam several years ago -- so, good news there. Don't know what the eye watering thing is about! Hope you can get some relief from yours.


I have not had this issue as yet, the two things with my eyes I have noticed, is my sight is getting worse and my right eye pulses every few days for hours on end. Anyway TC I wish you all the best and I hope you find an answer soon and you resolve this issue soon, God bless yours Mark

Yes; I have a right side drooping eyelid. Optician put it down to age, which I accepted, but this is interesting from you.

The disease is all muscular loss to a greater extent, and we have muscles everywhere. Unlike you, GBS was considered but quickly disregarded in favour...love it...for CIDP...and then went through all the others, MADSAM/Lewis Sumner/ and now Multi Focal Sensory neuropathy...which is good ...because insurance companies drops us if the CHRONIC word is used, in relation to any disease...its the one word that gives them an OUT! That comes directly from an insurance underwriter.

Fortunately my insurance carrier can't and won't drop me. It came along with medical retirement from the Navy, so they pretty much treat all my issues without a hassle.

Like Queen Bee, my problem is actually dry eyes (and mouth, and nose). I never associated it with CIDP, but maybe I will ask my neurologist at my next visit.

In regards to your problem: my wife had a problem with one eye watering profusely. It turned out she had a blocked tear duct on the bottom (where the liquid is supposed to drain away). A simple procedure by an eye doctor cleared it right up. You might ask your eye doctor to check for this.

Best of luck,


It's an issue I've battled with too TC. At night, I have a clear eye ointment put it followed by a gaze eye patch over a closed eye that is then taped down to prevent discomfort and watering in the morning. Sure I look like a pirate but it gets the job done ! Try it, I'd be happy to help you further with any queries. Regards, Bruce.