Handicap modifications

I have to make modifications to my house. I can't stand in the kitchen to cook and clean anymore, and by the time I shower and shave I have to go back to bed. can't fit in the tub as it's too short, and I have trouble getting up and down.

I have been 4 months just getting 2 contractors to come out and look and have one bid in writing. I would like to get at least 3. I would like any words of wisdom on the topic. And if any one knows of any grants available to help that would be awesome.

Bob Teeter

My first thought would be to check Angie's list for reputable contractors.... But not knowing where you live limits what we can share... make sure you get what ever agreements on paper... document with pictures and look for a license to be able to do that construction. Sometimes we get taken advantage of, and we need to be mindful and smart when it comes to something of this magnitude.

Hey sis, I live in OK and Angie’s list has not expanded into my area yet. I’m just so darn lucky:) Who knew finding contractors would be so tough