Medicare in Michigan

I am turning 65 in a few months which means going on Medicare. I’m wondering which supplemental insurance gives you the best coverage with CIDP and Medicare. It is so confusing what to choose. I wish this medicine wasn’t so expensive.

I have been receiving IVIG every two weeks for 5 years (now almost 70). I rewceive treatment at New York Prespyterian Hospital 7 months of the year, and continue to receive treatments in Florida (Bethesda East Hospital) for 5 months a year.

Medicare pays for 80% and my supplemental through ARAP’s best plan through United Health ( which pays the balance). The bill shows $13,000 for each treatment (although I am pretty sure the hospital does not actually receive that amount), but I do not pay for anything out of pocket. The supplemental plan with United Health is called plan K and I pay approximately $275 per month for the supplemental plan. I do not know if there is a problem joining that plan if you have a pre-existing condition.

I have had a number of surgeries (hip replacements, open heart surgery and rotator cuff surgery, and Medicare and my supplemental has paid for everything other than a room telephone and TV charge. Excellent plan, and feel very fortunate to have it. Hope this helps you in making a decision.

Thanks for the response Ron :slight_smile:

The only other post I could find with Medicare and Michigan was this one. Maybe it is helpful too.