Optic Neuritis

I was DX'ed with CIDP in 2012.
I now have sudden dramatic vision loss in my right eye and affecting my left. I had an MRI and it confirmed Optic Neuritis but no MS lesions.**Inflammation of the optic nerve causes loss of vision usually because of the swelling and destruction of the myelin sheath covering the optic nerve****
I have a second MS test (Visually Evoked Potential) in 2 weeks time. At this point no one can say why I have this sudden vision loss. Anyone here suffer from the same thing, or similar?
Not liking the sound of more destruction of myelin sheath in another part of my body.

This has also happened to my CIDP partner. It is not an MS symptom. It is the red blood cells moving from the peripheral nervous system to the optical nerves. Rituxan is VERY GOOD at treating Optic Neuritis.


I was diagnosed in Dec of 13 with CIDP. I am currently seeing an eye specialist for vision loss in my right eye. He has been unable to find a cause for it, but at the last appt I brought up the CIDP. He said he is not familiar with it but would research before my next appt. I will definitely print this and bring with me to my next session.

There is a thread I read on a CIDP Facebook group where a CIDper had gone to something like 8 neurologists and involved many top notch doctors and universities, and she said that optic neuritis is a rare symptom of a CIDP attack. I will try and find this post for you guys.

I have a problem with my right eye. Simply stated it seems to be getting about 20% less light through it so things just look darker. The problem has not changed in 5 years so I have adjusted my life. My biggest problem is when I go pistol shooting I have a difficult time deciding if I shoot aiming with my right or left eye. My neurologist said we could do more testing with an eye guru but his guess is that the result would come back "you got this problem and there is nothing we can do about it at this point."

I've had a diagnosis of CIDP for about 7 years now but it took almost 15 years of slowly progressing symptoms and 5 neurologists before I got the news. Everything seems to be stable for now but no improvement is expected.

Good luck with your vision problems. It sure helps to have a understanding & supporting family.

I want to thank everyone for replying to this post, it has given me a little more information on where to go next, and more importantly calmed my nerves a bit knowing I am not alone Thank you again. Cheers Bob Botton