Regarding brain lesions

Are brain lesions a part of CIDP? Or do I also have MS?

DazedandConfused said:
Hi, Deedee.

That's a really technical question to ask of the members, as brain lesions must generally be read by a radiologist, and then by the ordering physician.

How large the lesions are, whether they are growing, that "type" they are, all can help determmine if you have MS.

I have several brain lesions, however, the neurologist cannot distinguis them as demyelination vs. damage from TIA's.

I hate to suggest it because people get frustrated when it happens, but I must say that for a complete diagnostic workup and diagnosis, you need to see your neurologist.

Anyone who gives you "answers" without knowing how to read an x-ray, without actually reading it, then obtaining a 2nd opinion (on the site) should not be commenting on such a difficult array of diagnostic findings.

Please get to your neuro and ask him to personally read the films. Then, if you are concerned, discuss tanking it our a bit longer and go for some M.S. specific diagnostics.

God bless and be well.
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Thank you dazed and confused. Your answer was spot on. I appreciate your answer. I have had several different interpretations to my MRIs. I think I need a Doctor that knows both MS and CIDP. I was excited to find a group of people who had experienced this disease. I will see my Doctor on 12-1-15 and I hope to get the answers to my questions or a referral to another Dr.

brain lesions are part of CNS diseases which is an indication of MS. CIDP involves the peripheral nerves and does not cause brain lesions. it is diagnosed by EMG and NCS studies

Brain lesions, could have been caused by concussions or stroke. I know this because I’ve had both. The only thing your neuro will be able to tell you is that you have them. The cause you may never know for sure. Gary


I have had CIDP since 1998, however it took me ten years to be correctly diagnosed. I know the experts say that CIDP does not do any CNS damage, I along with probably many others, can tell you, that that is simply not true. It is also always been my understanding that brain lesions are what separates MS people from CIDP people. I agree with everyone who has said you need to find a good neurologist. I found mine after I found that their was different kinds of neurologists by classifications and categories. What you want is an MS neurologists. Sometimes I personally think that one if these days MS and CIDP are going to be found to be one and the same culprit. They have so many similarities and with both diseases being oif an over active immune system, attacking the mylen off of the sheath that covers the nerves and resulting in the same symptoms really makes you wonder. I also would like to answer another post of yours regarding your legs. Yes I have had the symptoms you mention a few times I also had paralysis for a few days, it scares me to know that can happen without any any notice. To help with your symptoms you need a continuous treatment to slow the progression of the disease as mentioned by other members. God Bless.