Hair loss

I am wondering has anyone else had problems with your thinning out since being diagnosed with cidp?

Hi, Amy

Yes, I have had hair problems also. My hair is much thinner since the cidp. I was wearing a hair weave, because I could not style my hair anymore. My stylist noticed the loss and told me it was quite extensive. This was about 18 month ago. My hair has not regrown. The stylist has not been able to help me. I have tried vitamins, hair conditioners and different styles. It hasn't helped. If you get any advise or help, let me know.


Thank you very much! My hair use to 2x thicker than it is now. I have hair all over my clothes etc. it’s really sad. I’m fixing to get 10 inches cut off. :frowning: stay in touch

I have not experienced this. I was diagnosed with CIDP 12/2012